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What is a homestay?

Homestay coastal Quy Nhon

Homestay is a type of accommodation is quite popular in the world and in Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh present, whereby instead of staying at the hotel, tourists will stay in people’s houses, living and living as a member of the family.

You to understand what is Homestay yet?

Life here will give guests the pleasant experience, with a new perspective closer and more realistic about life, culture of the land where they arrived. When staying at the homestay, guests are asked to “enter the country depending on,” such as dressing of the indigenous people, living according to their customs.

Although living and public but visitors also need to know how to respect the rules, the privacy of the home. Actually, homestay like a form of independent motels but personal. Guests also have to do these procedures not unlike rent rent hotel rooms, motel but would get no respite wider, more comfortable.

Although, homestay you will not be able to get the feeling of absolute comfort as stay at hotels and resorts … But in return, you get the real experience great, being directly involved in the activities and living like a local. This is to distinguish features homestay with various types of tourist accommodation such as hotels, resorts, bungalows and guesthouses.

In Quy Nhon today, homestay appear pretty much in the resort area. Especially coastal Quy Nhon Homestay established a lot. including Coffee and homestay our Ventosa. “All aim to serve you to the beloved land has many good impression most, fun, most comfortable.”

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