The food not to be missed at Ventosa - Quy Nhon beautiful coffee shop

The food not to be missed at Ventosa – Quy Nhon beautiful coffee shop

Comfortable, quiet space, unique pet style. Ventosa is known as one of the most visited cafes by young people. Especially the young dog lovers. Those who have ever come here certainly will not be impressed by the rare breeds such as husky, alaska, poodle, corgi … But have you tried the food here? Surely you will be satisfied because the diverse food menu is meticulously processed here. Let’s review through the most outstanding dishes at this Quy Nhon beautiful coffee shop

beautiful Quy Nhon cafe.

HaNoi Pho

Traveling in the central region but you still want to enjoy a delicious bowl of northern pho, come to Ventosa coffee and homestay. The taste of Hanoi Pho and the way to prepare delicious Pho are special points for diners to massage here. Pho is chewy, delicious and full of beef and fragrant broth. Surely you will never forget.

beautiful Quy Nhon cafe

Beef tendon noodles

Beef tendon here is complete quality tendon. The delicious broth combined with a little beef tendon. You will definitely feel satisfied when enjoying the beef tendon noodle here.

beautiful Quy Nhon cafe

Crab vermicelli noodle

Enjoy a bowl of 100% pure crab noodles. Combined with many other seafood dishes to create a bowl of crab vermicelli full of seafood flavors and a few delicious cilantro. It will be a pity if you miss crab noodle soup with bold flavors of this central cuisine.

quán cà phê đẹp quy nhơn

Fried egg bread

quán cà phê đẹp quy nhơn

Starting the morning with a cup of aromatic hot coffee at Ventosa – Quy Nhon beautiful coffee shop and enjoying sandwiches for breakfast is nothing better. An omelette with a piece of delicious barbecue is a better choice, and visit Ventosa Coffee and homestay Quy Nhon to enjoy great food and drinks here. In addition, Ventosa also has a cheap homestay for backpackers coming to Quy Nhon. With the advantage of being a trustworthy homestay near the center. Homestay close to Quy Nhon beach, the city management center. More especially near the culinary street Quy Nhon. Extremely convenient to enjoy the delicious food is not it. What are you waiting for, without choosing Ventosa as a certain point to visit when coming to Quy Nhon?

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