Friendly homestay in Quy Nhon - Ventosa coffee and homestay

Friendly homestay in Quy Nhon – Ventosa coffee and homestay

Quy Nhon is a beautiful coastal city. There are many tourist attractions that you should not miss: famous islands, historical monuments, interesting attractions. Every year, a lot of tourists come here. Therefore, choosing a friendly and clean homestay near the center is extremely important during your vacation. Discover Quy Nhon and choose friendly homestay in Quy Nhon through the article of Ventosa coffee and homestay.
friendly homestay in quy nhon

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Tourist destinations in Quy Nhon

Here are some famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon…

Twin Towers (Thap Doi)

friendly homestay in quy nhon

Twin towers, also known as Thap Doi are the most famous towers in Quy Nhon. Built from around the 10th century from the Chawmpa people, the tower has a unique structure, consisting of two towers: Big tower about 20 m high, Small tower 18 m high adjacent to each other. The Twin Tower was built of bricks baked tightly together with a special adhesive, this is a unique construction technique of the Cham people that researchers have not yet deciphered today.

Thien Hung Pagoda

friendly homestay in quy nhon

Vietnam is a Buddhist country. Therefore, the temples here are very beautiful architecture. Quy Nhon is famous for beautiful temples that you should not miss. One of them is Thien Hung Pagoda. The most famous temple in Binh Dinh, has ancient architecture on a large area. Coming here, visitors seem to stray into an ancient country.

Ong Nui Pagoda

friendly homestay in quy nhon

Another temple in Quy Nhon is equally famous as Ong Nui Pagoda. The temple was built on a high mountain. To get here, you have to walk hundreds of steps thange. There is a huge Buddha statue that surprises you, is considered one of the sacred places of worship of Vietnamese people.

Quy Nhon beach

friendly homestay in quy nhon


Quy Nhon has a beautiful and clean beach in the top of central Vietnam. Long beach and white sand along the city. This is a destination that any tourist should not miss.

Homestay and Coffee Ventosa – Friendly homestay in Quy Nhon

Homestay and Coffee Ventosa is built in a homestay style.So here not as comfortable and spacious as the hotel.However, here you will get very good customer service and a cheap homestay.The advantage of Ventosa is a homestay near the sea and the city center.It only takes you about 10 minutes to walk to get here.In addition, Ventosa is also near Quy Nhon food court, where you can enjoy unique specialties.
The space in the room has a unique dog style. This is a favorite destination for dog enthusiasts. Rooms are fully furnished, spacious to ensure satisfaction for you.Friendly staff, always ready to guide visitors the places to visit, utilities whenever you need. This is a friendly homestay in Quy Nhon that you are looking for. In addition, in front of the homestay is the Ventosa cafe. Quiet, comfortable space where you can relax, read books.

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