Event moments with pets

In order to boost the pet movement and contribute to creating utility activities this summer, the Love Dog Haiphong CLUB organizes the event: the moment with the puppy.
Time: 15h00 ~ 18h00 on 23/56/2012
Venue : The city’s largest theatre garden. (Close to Kim Dong Flower garden)  
very eager to participate in enthusiasm for raising the pet movement is increasingly growing. Let’s take 1 join so that you can present your love to the dogs.)
Contest Rules:

To end here more feed “pet” in Hai Phong. The LOVE DOG CLUB-The HAI PHONG is on the & Event to let people passionate about “pet ” engage in and exchange their experience. At the off session will hold a photo Event with a pet dog, you can enjoy shooting with your favorite friends and send them to the email address: clbyeuchohp@yahoo.com to participate in the contest.
-The winning way: projected on the number “Like ” (Will announce after 2 weeks)
-You can use the camera travel, phone, etc… Or thanks to the members of the free CLUB and to register the information on the list at the CLUB

Note with new friends who join offline for the first time, or come to join the event taking photos of the CLUB’s incredibly beautiful dogs:  
-When you go to your offline location, please find a car parking and clean and easy to manage furniture Lac as you play with the dogs.
-strictly prohibited acts of violence with the CLUB’s children, if they detect they have the right not to borrow a dog to take pictures.  
-do not allow the children to take the dog out 1 corner to shoot, if you can say with the dog owner , the dog owners will be happy and escorted you with VS puppies to help create the most beautiful moments.
-do not give the children eat dogs, drink snacks, unknown sources, harm dogs.

P/S: You are assured that CLUB members are enthusiastic and cheerful when helping you in photographing ^^.

If you get stuck in finding a place, or have anything to question be able to contact the admin in the assembly.

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