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Distinguish real homestay in Vietnam

A large number of Vietnamese traveling without distinguish how homestay, hotels, motels and … resort. The following article will help you understand part of this type.

A type of homestay room type


“Homestay” abroad is understood that you will live in the homes of indigenous people, may live and activities such as a family member.

Homestay is very popular with Western tourists to Northwest, Northeast, Hoi An in Vietnam …

Homestay is a type of “green tourism” ideal for young people love to explore culture in the new land. When traveling homestay, rather than in hotels or motels you will be at the home of local people to be able to have a close perspective and a more realistic way of life and culture of their own. Guests are treated as a member of the family and participate in daily life as a platter dinner together and chat exchanges with members. Guests are also required to “enter the country depending on,” and know how to respect the rules and certain privacy of the owner.

In fact, a homestay is also a form of independent but individual accommodation (not in the resort population, any hotel). Those who come to rent a homestay are no different than renting a hotel room but get a larger space with more appliances. In return, the cost of renting a high-class homestay is also more expensive and you will have to serve your own needs while staying here without any support staff.

This is considered the best and most effective way for you to practice foreign languages, communication skills and knowledge of different cultures from your country.

Once you choose the form of homestay tourism, you will definitely not be able to feel absolutely comfortable like when you stay at hotels, resorts … But in return, you get the real life experience. and interesting to directly participate in the activities of the local people. The best way for your homestay to have fun is to “join the family” and behave like a real local. When living with someone you don’t know, respect their differences. For example, if they are only vegetarians who hate fish, especially Muslims who do not eat pork … Limit the expression of your own opinion and respect them, especially on matters of religion. In eating and drinking activities, each region has its own characteristics and principles. Maybe the food you are not familiar with, but do not get upset or disparaging, but be happy to accept and adapt.

Thân thiết và văn hóa, trong khi bạn đang ở trong một khu vực dành cho người khác

In Vietnam, there are more and more homestay destinations such as Da Lat, Hoi An, Ban Lac – Mai Chau; Sapa, Cua Van fishing village – Quang Ninh …

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