Big game của nhà Ventosa tại Quy Nhơn

homestay ven biển Quy Nhơn
Welcome to Big Game of Ventosa
We have 6 free homestay experience days for you guys
Time for register: from 10 to 17 January 2020
Conditions 1 or 2:
1: Like and share the post in public mode, Comments tagged 3 friends’ name and the gift you want
2:The bill is cumulative of 300,000 VND
The 6 gifts will be:
– An experience day for a group of 8
– An experience day for a group of 6
– An experience day for a group of 4
– An experience day for a group of 3
– An experience day for a group of 2
– An experience day for one
We will select the luckiest guys and announce the result on January 18. If you need more accommodation, please contact us. Quickly register, many thanks

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